UC Administrative Management Professionals (UC AMP, formerly ABOG) was formally established at UCSC in October 2008. Recognized by UCOP, this is a systemwide organization that has existed on UC campuses for 45 years. We are a collaborative organization, consisting of senior business officers from academic departments and research organizations, that gathers information about, provides input to, and comments upon policies and practices affecting daily operations. UC AMP's monthly meetings and quarterly professional development events support collaborative leadership and management and offer our members opportunities to network and share information and strategies related to challenges we face in our commitment to providing high-quality service.

UC Administrative Management Professionals (UC AMP)  is a campus organization whose mission is to:

  • provide a forum for discussion, to promote communication, and study common concerns and solutions in areas relating to the operations and administrative functions of academic departments
  • provide an effective and informed advisory resource to central administration and campus units
  • study administrative issues for the purpose of finding ways to improve/simplify operations at all levels
  • recognize and promote the professional identity of academic department managers and to offer orientation for new managers
  • collaborate with other University groups on all appropriate matters
  • provide opportunities for professional growth and development
  • share knowledge and expertise