Executive Board Members

  • Jessica Lawrence - Chair, Department Manager, Sociology 
  • Bennett Williamson - Fall Conference Lead, Program Manager, Digital Arts and New Media & AGPM
  • Sarah Arantza Amador - Secretary, Administrative Manager, Community Studies Program
  • Daria Troxell - Treasurer, Divisional Financial Analyst, Undergraduate Education
  • Leah Kahn - UC AMP Systemwide Steering Committee Member, Curriculum Analyst and Instructional Support Supervisor, Engineering
  • Amber Burke - UC AMP Systemwide Steering Committee Member, Department Manager, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • VACANT - Ex-officio
  • Emily Gregg - Department Manager, Computational Media
  • Verónica López-Durán - Assistant Director for Programs Advising, Office of Campus Advising Coordination
  • Chris Paradies - Academic Planning and Curriculum Analyst, Arts Division

Questions, comments and requests to be added to future agendas can be directed to the executive board at AMP-Executive-Board-group@ucsc.edu