Board Member Duties

UCSC AMP By-Laws Appendix A: Executive Board Duties

Elected Positions


  • Work with Executive Board to determine agenda for UCSC AMP executive board meetings.
  • Convene and chair UCSC AMP executive board meetings.
  • Call ad hoc general membership and executive board meetings as needed.
  • Act as official spokesperson and point of contact for UCSC AMP and UCSC AMP Executive Board.
  • Oversee annual UCSC AMP elections in accordance to the by-laws.
  • In consultation with Executive Board, convey reports and communications, such as an annual list of priorities submitted to EVC and other campus leaders and reports or other communications related to UCSC AMP activities, priorities, or concerns.
  • Oversee the review and posting of UCSC AMP meeting notes.
  • Additional assignments related to UCSC AMP initiatives and projects.
  • Approve/post messages (as UCSC AMP Google Group “owner”) that are sent to UCSC AMP.
  • Update UCSC AMP members-at-large Google group as needed.

Systemwide Representatives

  • Attend and represent UCSC to systemwide UCSC AMP board at 3-4 meetings annually.
  • Serve as point of contact for distribution of systemwide announcements to UCSC UCSC AMP members.
  • Solicit donations for annual systemwide conference.
  • Facilitate annual systemwide conference registration.

Executive Board Members

  • Plan and facilitate a minimum of one general membership meeting per year.
  • Represent own division on Executive Board.
  • Communicate UCSC AMP information back to own division.
  • Serve on sub-committees as needed.
  • Help plan and support UCSC UCSC AMP Fall Conference.
  • Provide support, as needed and able, to systemwide reps for annual systemwide conference. This may include assistance with registration, donation solicitation, programming, hosting campus responsibilities, etc.

Appointed Positions

The following roles may be appointed to executive board members at the discretion of the AMP Chair and in consultation with the executive board.


  • Prepare and submit annual end-of-year request for transfer of funds from central campus for prior year expenses.
  • Create distinct FOAPAL for segregating and tracking UCSC AMP expenses with approval authority.
  • Complete required forms for payment of all expenses, including but not limited to Purchase Orders, Recharges, Direct Payments, Entertainment Reimbursements, etc.
  • Verify adequate funding for Chair travel and registration for UCSC AMP conference.
  • Facilitate and approve UCSC AMP annual conference registration expense for the UCSC Fall Conference Grand Prize winner